The Importance of the Server Uptime

4 facts that you should know, your hosting provider's server uptime.

Importance of Server Uptime - 4 Facts

Uptime of a web server is critically important spot for online businesses for those sell products online and connects to their customers.

There are 4 facts that you should primarily check with the web hosting company before you sign-up. Thus would avoid any future head aches, and you would happily rely your business on.

Please take the any important notes of the instructions provided below for your advantage.

There should be 4 reasons for a server goes downtime. It should be an electrical problem, power outage, lost or bottlenecked internet connection of the server, hacker attacks, or mandatory maintanence. So the facts are,

1. Avoid Green Hosting

Don't blame, I am not saying the same as the title above sounds. I care about the nature, I have environmental concerns for the future, I have also concerns about animals and their rights to live.

I just would like to say, if you rely on a green energy web hosting provider consumes wind energy, what to do if there is no wind for a week. You should be an idealist, further, you may be a greenpeace member, but business is business.

You have to deal with any kind of people for business, without discriminating them or without willing them to think the way you think.

Fact 1 : Do not make any deal with a green hosting provider.

2. Avoid Shared Hosting

Shared hosting should be a good option for many people but it is not for a serious online businesses. If you share your hosting with numerous people that you have no idea about, what is their website for, what is their business on.

But you are in the same ship with them, an angry hacker exploits a website in the same with yours, so you better be ready to share his blame without any idea.

Fact 2 : Some web hosting providers advertise business plans but they are also shared hosting plans, somehow they call it this way.

3. Prefer Cloud Hosting

You can pick an affordable VPS plan from a cloud hosting provider. If you can afford go with dedicated cloud server. So your website will not be in the one place, it will be on numerous of server locations. If one goes down other one will be up to cover it.

Fact 3 : Do not accept server uplink speed if it is less then 1 Gbps.

4. Use Content Delivery Network

CDN stands for it. CDN's make easier and faster to serve your website content depending on your visitors geographical location. So your website files will be in cloud, will be delivered by a CDN. There won't be any problem for you about server downtime.

Beyond that CDN's put your website in the back of the web application firewall called WAF, this is second layer of security over your cloud hosting's firewall. WAF will protect your website from DDoS attacts, useless spider robots and so on.

Fact 4 : Use CDN for your website.

Final Words

I don't bother with monthly server uptime statistics, I am not either into calculating them, like 99.9 percent uptime makes 0.01 downtime, and how long time it is in a month. I am not into providing you any graphics about servers too.

Just the plain truth is above.

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