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Powweb Review -- Reasons Of A Choice !

Beginners and seasoned webmasters alike can have their web hosting needs met at POWWEB, a site established since 1999. Recognizing the awesome potential and demand that exists in the web hosting industry, Powweb was set up to provide innovative web hosting.

The site is feature packed, with popular software auto-installers, spam filters, easy to use control panel and more! Powweb gives its customers the best performance, service and reliability, and is very proud of its track record with awards and acclaim to lend credence to its statements.

There are some excellent reasons why Powweb should be your chosen host.

The Best Value For Money

The One Plan web hosting package has everything you need at a very affordable price and aims to provide affordable hosting options to customers from around the world.

Trust Factor

Powweb operates out of a real office and provides you with a 24/7 service; it adheres to international standards and is committed to ethical business practices.

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Key Features

The site boasts unlimited disk space and data transfer, free domain name and hosting unlimited domains, MySQL, PHP, CGI, SSL, FTP, stats, “Point & Click” site builder; $200 in Microsoft & Google Ads Credits, e-commerce ready, lightening speed internet connections, load balanced servers providing for virtually 99.9 percent uptime during operation, the use of Company's own hardware and proprietary software and constant upgrades.

Website Enhancer

In addition to superior web hosting services, “One Plan” provides you with “Site Enhancer” -- the tools necessary for developing and profiting from your website.

Technical Support

Powweb's infrastructure was built from the ground up by a team of experienced developers and provides technical support around the clock. The set up includes server configurations, billing software, help-desk, WebMail, Site Manager, and OPS.


If, for any reason you are dissatisfied with the hosting service -- feel free to avail of the 30-days money-back guarantee being offered.

The site also provides the use email through Microsoft Exchange, whereby you can view, sync and share email, contacts and schedules. You can also get free desktop licenses to load on the computer of your choice.

Powweb is an extremely easy to navigate and easy to use site; the neat, clean lines and precise text minus the grammatical errors is a pleasure to read through and makes first time users feel right at home.

From the designer's perspective the site's color scheme is pleasing to the eye and fulfills common design principles like, alignment, white space, visual organization, etc. Resolution and graphics are very good and navigation is both simple and smooth.


The site's “One Plan, One Price” feature gives you an easy and affordable start with your website. The satisfaction guarantee and technical support commitment are added incentives for signing up with POWWEB.COM.

Powweb's mission is 'to continue to listen to its customers, continue to learn, grow and evolve into the #1 choice for Web hosting!' This is a mission statement that inspires confidence, moreover, the only way to truly test the site's abilities is to give them a chance to prove themselves -- go on and give Powweb a try -- it's a decision you will not regret!

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