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FatCow Review -- Why You Should Consider FatCow

FatCow is a famous and respected cheap hosting company who has been providing reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses since the late 90s. Company keeps their products simple to use easy to understand and documented well for those need self-help on learning.

Presently, FatCow is one of the top website hosts on the market. It is a right solution for the little medium-sized businesses, as well as personal hosting. If you are looking for an honest yet cheap web hosting company Fatcow should be on your list for consideration. That is why we have placed this FatCow Review.


At $3.15/mo for a two or three-year plan, a single-year plan is $3.67/mo, still relatively affordable given that domain registration is free for the initial year. FatCow is one of the many firms that provide unlimited storage and data transfer, which is a pretty secure given how little most sites are. Fatcow hosting plan also provides users to create unlimited email IDs, host unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL databases.

60% off Fatcow Hosting Offer

Basic Features

FatCow uses third party applications to offer functionality, held combine with vDeck control panel. This might be a little confusing at first for beginners, but fast becomes clear as you use the host.

FatCow also has the Drop Builder and Weebly Drag for constructing general website. It is very simple to use and a number of choices for making a dynamic and nice-looking website. The free version restricts you to 6 pages, but it is simpler to use than the CM4all site creator that is also added. FatCow also provides a simple cart solution with Shopsite, one of the most amazing shopping card creation programs we used.

Wordpress is almost standard with all website hosts, and FatCow single-click installation was simple to get through.

Advanced Features

High level users will find most of the whistles and bells they want with FatCow. Such as MySQL databases, PGI, PHP and Python support. Shared hosting is provided only on Linux servers, anyway, and FatCow does not provide shared hosting customers shell(SSH) access. These will not make much a difference of most starting and intermediate users, but maybe a reason for serious webmasters.


FatCow is fairly simple to use, provided you can overlook some inconsistency in the interfaces look from page to page. The host does a particularly best job of providing simple interfaces for e-commerce, like the shop-site cart creator. The login process is very intuitive and smooth. Attractive layout of the vDeck is extremely simple and easy to use.


FatCow is a remarkable bargain and doesn't leave users tied into a multi-year contract to get the best price, something is truly respectful. FatCow review shows the service is a remarkable choice for any kind of web hosting needs. FatCow's promo code.

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60% off Fatcow Hosting Offer


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