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Is It Just a Step to Your Dream ?

Is It Just a Step to Your Dream ?

You should have dreams in your life and have some ideas about starting a website. So if you have a website, would it be an inception for your dream(s) to come true ?

Dreams are a part of human being and having some as a person, very naturally possible. Generally, many dreams in life require large sum of cash.

Need Some Cash ?

Have you ever seen a website, a guy shows up lot of cash, his pictures with expensive sport cars in front of huge expensive house ?

So he says, he will explain you how he earned that much of sum easily, even while he is asleep. So, why you wouldn't like to own a red Porsche too ?

Don't Believe Them !

Don't buy anything from them, it's a well set up to deceive you. All they do is a resell your dreams back to you. It's general stuff, many people have similar dreams, so they have bigger population to suck from.

We all know their age has gone, there isn't many people left to believe them any more. But more scam is around in different forms, what I just wanted to take your attention.

What About Web Hosting ?

There isn't much to say about it, research a domain name that suits, pick a cheap hosting to settle. I advise you install Wordpress that all offer auto-install.

Congratulations, now you have a website. It's that easy. So you would pick a theme later on.

I don't want to disencoruge you, but let me mention a couple of things here, whatever your idea is, make a good research.

Have you ever seen number of search results display in Google ? You see first 10 results out of millions. Nobody wants their website somewhere in millions. But there are millions failed before you.

Don't invest too much, take it as a hobby, be realistic and keep your expectations low, write good, unique content to be discovered, post regularly without getting bored. Don't fed up, remember those millions have fed up.

Other Hosting Options

There isn't any people around to give you the key for success, you should decide first what you are good on, what you like, consider a Youtube channel if you have video skills, some is brilliant on photography, Instagram is out there.

Just keep your expectations low about income at first, consider joining groups like you, be nice, polite, meet more people to become popular.

Don't pretend. Be Yourself. Everyone is created original.

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