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What is Web Hosting Anyway ?

It's possible to create a personal blog or gallery as well as starting a website for a business to promote and sell products online. It's even possible uploading large video files, millions of images, albums, favorite music or sensitive documents for backup purposes in a secure place!

Those would be accessible to authorized people by setting up a password or freely to anyone around the world. To make any of this stuff is as easy as having some hard disk space on a “Server”, it is Web Hosting.

Web Server is a computer, which is running its own operating system and engineered to store data on high speed hard drives, for the purpose of serving the data stored any time to any computer around the world, from high speed internet connection “Data Centre”s.

Once you have your own Web Hosting you don't need to worry about its operating system or hardware problems, they are all taken care by specialists and optimized to almost zero downtime. Then all you need is getting an FTP software program like free “FileZilla” or a paid one like “Smart FTP” to connect your web host to upload and download your files.

While you sign up for a “Web Hosting Service”, most of the companies provide you a “Free Domain Name” which will be assigned to your webspace and makes it possible to gain access to your files from anywhere. Those files can be a page of a website, blog, video, music or document file, shortly any file.

Hosting companies run their servers under Unix based free GPL project software products like “CentOS”, “Red Hat” or paid “Windows Server Edition” operating systems. Preferring Linux/Unix operated web server will cost you lower, because they are open source GPL licensed software. You can use “Linux Web Hosting” even if you run “Windows OS” or “Mac OS” on your own computer, it is fully compatible and no need any worries about it.

Linux operated Hosting is most common in use, because it's cheaper, safer, allow users easily install popular website scripts with a single click on Web Hosting control panel, like “WordPress”, “B2evolution” or “Joomla” blog websites.

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Top 5 Affordable Web Hosts

Top 5 Promo Codes

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1. Money off Codes

These hosting promo codes are applied to the total amount of products in the basket over a certain amount. It's like getting a $ 5 discount for orders over $ 25.

2. Percent off Codes

Percent off hosting promo codes apply a specific given percentage of the off discount off the order sum.

3. Promo Links

They are pointed to special deal or product page, there is no need to apply coupon or promo code while checking out.

4. Deal Codes

They are kind of hosting promo codes can usually be applied only to a specific product or group of products. If it is not generated for the specific product that you are trying to purchase, unfortunately it will not work.

5. Hot Products

Those products are limited and provide you a huge discount on some items, those are hard to sell without any discount, like end of summer sale for t-shirts.


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