What Cost You Most in Web Hosting

What Cost You Most in Web Hosting

People tend to find something cheap, webmaster is not the exception especially in this recession period. But do you feel a web hosting used you $3.95/month is a cheap one? In below, we will discuss about cost structure of web host so that you can get a better understanding of your spending on it.
Basically, the overall cost of a web hosting is comprised of 3 parts:

1) Time spent on searching for a web hosting
This is the part of cost you might not calculate for web hosting and actually it's quite high. It's very often that people spends more than 10 hours to go through the web hosting guide, web hosting review and comparing information, and finally still not feel conformtable to their choice. But there is really nothing perfect, you need to balance your time and your cost to purchase a hosting. So, we would like suggest you that if you find a web hosting meet your needs from features to reliability, and the price is within your expection, you should make the deal to save your time.

2) Regular fee from your web hosting provider.
This cost probably is the most sensitive one to the people, and compared with all your time cost, you will find it actually the smallest one in your total cost on web hosting. For most personal web site, blog, or small home business web site, the price of a web hosting is usually lower than $10/month, and you even can get a very nice one be as low as $3.95/month (such as bluehost.com, a leading web hosting company in the industry, will allow you to get its service with a price of $3.95/month by using a promotion link). So, from above you will know that your regular web hosting cost from vendor is actually not big deal, in most case, it's less than the cost of a lunch.

3) Potential maintenance cost for your web host
One your web site doesn't work well due to web hosting environment, then your maintenance cost happens. You will be in crazy status if the vendor cannot give you the support you need and give you a feeling of hopeless. And then you might start looking for another web hosting service provider and transfer all your web site to the new place. During it, you might lost the sale or the reputation of your business due to the down of your site, and you also have to spend a lot of time to find a better. Consider the potential huge cost in this one, when finding a web hosting, you should only work with the reliable web hosting provider to put your business in safe.

A easy-to-use control panel will reduce your maintenance cost a lot. There are some routine tasks you might want to do your site, such as check the traffic, create email, etc. If all those are done by shell, it might need some technical knowledge to maintenance a site, but if well-designed control panel, such as cPanel will make this task very easily and save you huge time.

People tend to very care about the regular web hosting cost from the vendor, but according to the analysis above, you will know that cost might be the smallest portion in your overall investment on web hosting, Reliability and service will be the key thing you should consider most when purchasing a hosting

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